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Application Instructions

For every order, you receive a Tool Kit included with your order, that should have everything you need to complete your wall decal installation. This includes the General Application Instructions, as well as any pertinent supplemental instructions for certain decal styles that may require additional explanation.

For your reference, the various instructions are available here as well to review, print or download.

More Tools

Video: How To Apply Decals
Tricks of the Trade

Squeegee Use
3 Times a Charm!
For best results, use the squeegee three times during application process!

1-Before starting the application process: Squeegee the clear top sheet down, before removing the backing.
2 - Once the backing is removed and decal is placed on the wall, squeegee the decal so it has a firm adherence to the wall.
3 - After you remove the clear top sheet, gently squeegee decal down again or simply use your fingers!