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Add Depth to Your Room With Stripe Wall Decals

Stripes have been a long-time favorite in art, fashion and home décor. They’re visually appealing and come in many different shapes, such as lines, figures and free-flowing designs. Vertical stripe wall stickers heighten the appearance of the ceiling to make the room appear taller. Horizontal stripes stretch the walls and have the ability to expand the design of one room into another. And diagonal stripes offer the illusion of movement. However you position them, stripes will help you achieve depth and interest. If you’re looking to add contrast to a monotone room, stripe wall decals may be your answer!

  • Add anything from the slightest hint of contrast, to the boldest impact, simply and cleanly. Available in lots of widths!
  • Use vertically or horizontally.
  • Use as borders, moulding detail or wall dividers, including chair rail.
  • Use the styles in this section for ideas to create striped looks out of our other decal styles from other sections on our site.

Removable stripe wall decals are the perfect way to redesign a room. Because the application process is so easy and they are removed without damage, they are popular choices in home decoration. Wall Slicks has many great options for you to choose from, and we are here to help you in any way we can.

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Goth Bottom Border wall decal sticker Goth Bottom Border wall decal sticker
$60.00 /Starting at
Ribbon wall decals stickers Ribbon wall decals stickers
$8.00 / Small Sheet Set(2)
$24.00 / Stripe Sheet
Roxy Girl wall decals stickers Roxy Girl wall decals stickers
$24.00 / pack
Stripe wall decals stickers Stripes wall decals stickers
$24.00 / and up - Sets
Zebra Stripe wall decals stickers Zebra Stripe wall decals stickers
$8.00 /Small Sheet
$12.00/LG Sheet