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Application Process

It's Easy! Follow these steps to apply adhesive vinyl wall decals:

Step 1:

Cut sheet of decals apart
as needed to get the design you want to achieve,
Step 2:

For precise positioning: Tape decal to the wall. Place Spacer Dot on wall
at key area of the decal, to "remember" the placement you want. Remove the taped decal.
Step 3:

Peel the white backing away, leaving the decal adhered to the clear top sheet. For more tips on how to do this, watch the video or go to Tricks of the Trade.

Step 4:

Place the decal, sticky side against the wall or surface. Rub over firmly with applicator tool.

Step 5:

Peel away the top sheet, smoothing it away and off
of the decal. Use applicator if needed to hold down parts until you have pulled past them.

Step 6:

Remove Spacer Dots. Repeat steps for each decal.
More Tools

Video: How To Apply Decals
Application Instructions
Tricks of the Trade

Did you know that you can use your Chizzler tool like a knife?

If you have excess decal, simply use the edge of the Chizzler and run it along the top of the decal where you want to trim, like you would with a utility knife. Be sure to protect the surface underneath.
 Works great in wall corners!